45 unique apartments

The excellence is in the details


60 – 205m2

Sud is all about living in comfort and quality. One of its most valuable characteristics is the smart way each apartment is laid out, so everything hangs together in a really logical way. That’s something which has a direct influence on pleasurable living.

The apartments in Sud range in size from approximately 60 to 150m2, with the two exclusive penthouses each offering approximately 200m2 of living space. Most apartments have room for multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Or for creating a workspace or walk-in wardrobe.


A great sense of spaciousness is achieved through high ceilings which extend to 3 metres in the apartments, 4 metres in the ground floor apartments and 3.3 metres in the penthouses. This roomy effect is enhanced by the presence of almost floor-to-ceiling windows which, in each apartment’s living room, include a bay window with folding French doors that seamlessly connect the indoors to the outside balcony. It all results in a broader outlook, plenty of light and perfectly harmonised indoor and outdoor spaces.

Outside space

When it comes to outdoor space, almost all apartments have a balcony or terrace on 2 sides, some even on 3 sides, with access to the outdoor space from every room. All of the ground floor apartments have a garden.


The 45 apartments in Sud are also very energy-efficient. All rooms are equipped with underfloor heating and cooling which are, for the most part, powered by energy from concealed solar panels on the roof.