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The excellence is in the details



It takes beautiful materials to express beautiful design

Jan Peter Wingender – Architect
Office Winhov

People need architecture that stands the test of time, and buildings that remain relevant to both users and the environment through their usability and quality. In a nutshell, this is the conviction with which Amsterdam architects Office Winhov designs buildings. Jan Peter Wingender, partner and co-founder of the firm, explains how this ethos manifests in Sud.

“The residences are very modern and highly self-explanatory. The layouts feel really logical.”

Living in the city, connected with the rest of the world

“From the very first moment, we knew what we had to do: in every detail, Sud needed to demonstrate that you can live comfortably in the city, in a beautiful location very close to the city centre and even closer to its green surroundings. Sud is being created in the area where the Zuidwand Wandelweg once formed the original boundary between the Plan Berlage in Amsterdam Zuid and the green Amstelland. It is a really pivotal point in the city. Something which is evident from the extremely favourable infrastructure at this location, which allows you to enter and exit the city quickly and easily. ”

“The integration of a new building within the existing environment is an important aspect of architecture. The Rivierenbuurt is an example of classic urbanity, characterized by a tradition of refined brick architecture. That was the starting point for creating a design which would have a logical place in this context. And because the building is positioned at the end of a square, it has to have a solid appearance that sets the overall disposition of the square and creates cohesion. ”

“The residences are very modern and highly self-explanatory. The layouts feel really logical. They also make for comfortable living. This not something you can generally read from a floorplan; that is just a glimpse from above, only seen by your walls. You have to be standing inside a house to actually feel the spaces. The same goes for Sud, where all the living areas are connected with the outdoor spaces, in a way that really bonds them together as an integrated living space. You can go outside at any time and you will never feel trapped indoors. And that’s pretty unique.”