45 unique apartments

The excellence is in the details



Energy and creativity

Jelle de Groot/Jos Luth

COD is not afraid of making choices. In order for beauty to prevail in architecture, plenty of thought is given and initiative taken with regard to creating opportunities for people who want an exceptional way of living. We do this by taking a fresh look at how areas can be redeveloped and how buildings can be developed.

“Sud had to become a building that would fit well into its place, and be pleasant both for residents to live in and for passers-by to see.”

A really good building

“Kop Zuidas is situated inside the Amsterdam ring and has a character which is green, friendly and small-scale. It is therefore no surprise to us that this area is undergoing full development which will result in a pleasant new habitat. We have taken the initiative to breathe new life into the site formerly occupied by an old technical college, with high-quality architecture in an aesthetically progressive materialisation. ”

“At a time when new-build projects are sprouting up like mushrooms, we have taken the time and trouble to really think a building through and work out how to bring it about. With the aim of erecting a beautiful building that will stand for at least a hundred years. Matching the style of the Rivierenbuurt and Zuid. ”

“To achieve this, we needed an architect who would focus on context, quality and on designing good housing plans. Sud had to become a building that would fit well into its place, and be pleasant both for residents to live in and for passers-by to see. With Office Winhov, we succeeded in that. ”

“Sud is a very attractive place for city-oriented people who like having the facilities the city offers close at hand, but who also want to be able to get away from it quickly and easily. In the immediate vicinity, a vibrant area of classy restaurants and shops is within walking distance. The city centre can quickly be reached by tram, (soon by) metro, the Noord / Zuidlijn and by bike. And those who want to head away from the city can walk to Amsterdam RAI station and hop on the train. Or reach the ring road by car in moments. In terms of accessibility, you can’t get better than this in Amsterdam!”

“Quality is the defining aspect throughout the building: in the special bricks, the window frames, the detailing, the tall ceilings and the parking facilities. The variety of energy-efficient apartments, ground-floor homes and penthouses makes Sud accessible to anyone with a sharp eye for quality, and who above all, has a desire for comfortable living. Sud offers all this. To satisfy all kinds of people, we have deliberately chosen to offer a mix of dimensions, from 60 m2 to 205 m2, so that a diverse group of residents will move into Sud. “